Hair extension filling and thickening


The preferred method for professionals. Micro Ring application has many benefits for your hair and your look, no heat or glue is used therefore removal is possible without damaging the hair.
Advantages: More professional, Convenient, no heat or glue, rings can be clamped flatter for a more natural look and feel, less likely to slip, for a discreet application the rings can be specifically chosen for the individual client from a selection of different colours and sizes to be purchased with the stick tip hair, purchased hair can be re-used.
Method: Using a pulling loop your natural hair is threaded through a 3-4mm ring, usually Alluminium with a silicone lining to protect the hair from damage, the stick tip hair is then inserted into the ring and carefully clamped flat into position. As the stick tip hair is seperate to the Micro Rings it can be reused again and again with only the ring being replaced.


Heated keratin method

The hot keratin method is widely used for lengthening and the thickening of hair. The ends of the purchsed strands are tipped with keratin (so called nail). This is then heated to between 80°C – 150°C to soften and then connected to the clients natural hair using heat.
The natural hair is not damged by the lower temperatures, remember, your hair straighteners and tongs reach temperatures up to 220°C!
Advantages and must know: The finely tipped keratin bonds blend seamlessly into natural hair. Professionally trained application only to ensure the possibility of damage is eliminated. To remove keratin bonds, dissolving gel and tongs are required, therefore removal and renewal must only be carried out in the salon by a trained specialist.